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NFL Releases a Statement about Police Brutality after Colin Kaepernick tried to warn the franchise

Colin Kaepernick has set up a fundraiser to pay for the defense of any Minneapolis protesters who may be in need of legal assistance. @yourrightscamp.”

Roger Goodell issues statement on death of George Floyd, nationwide protests

Three years after NFL team owners closed the doors of their franchises to Colin Kaepernick, the league’s former head of communications — who was often in the center of the storm — has asserted what many have long suspected: A kneeling Kaepernick was bounced from the NFL in 2017 because he was bad for business. [via Yahoo sports]

Now a multitude of cities are burning at night following the death of George Floyd in custody of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. And what we’re seeing each day is a level of discord, exhaustion and outright defiance that comes from the very marrow of Kaepernick’s message.

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