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Nick Cannon's "Wild N Out" Is Reportedly Getting Closer To Returning To Air

Nick Cannon may be returning to the ViacomCBS umbrella.

It looks like Nick Cannon could possibly get back "Wild N Out."

Viacom and Nick Cannon have been in conversation recently, the popular MTV show may be returning to the ViacomCBS after being terminated by the media back in July.

The claims were anti-Semitic comments he made on his Cannon's Class podcast.

according to a report from Variety Wednesday (November 11).

“We continue to follow Nick’s journey and I’m impressed by how he’s owned his mistakes,” McCarthy said in a statement to Variety. “He’s been an extended part of our family for almost 20 years and a personal friend of mine for almost half that. He’s leading by example, apologized and trying to learn to understand and help others do the same. That’s the kind of partner we want to work with.”

During an interview with The Breakfast Club in October, Wild’N Out staples DC Young Fly, Karlous Miller and Chico Bean discussed the fate of the comedy show that launched their respective careers and vowed not to return if its creator wasn’t involved.


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