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Nick Cannon to Star in New game Show called “Who’s Having My Baby?” hosted by Kevin Hart

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Nick Cannon reportedly 'Having My Baby' Game show featuring Kevin Hart.

Nick Cannon announces New Game Show with Kevin Hart Titled ‘Who's Having My Baby?’

Competition featuring women who are vying to have Cannon's next baby.

On Tuesday (March 7), Cannon, who is the father of 12 kids took to his social media platforms to announce the new game show “Who's Having My Baby?’ set to air this spring on E!.

Cannon will pick from a slate of female contestants who want to — you guessed it — have his next baby. In the teaser for the show, Cannon takes his place in the hot seat as Hart tells him, “You’re gonna get some contestants that wanna have your baby.” Then, in a show of just how seriously he takes procreation and parenting, Cannon gazes upon the prospective mothers and jokingly starts making his selection by saying, “Eeny, meeny, miny…”

As for Kevin Hart introduced a string of competitors who appeared onstage and paraded cheerfully in front of Nick as he sat grinning on a sofa.

Take a look at the clip shared on Instagram:

In addition to Cannon & Hart new game show, It's unclear if the contestants were selected at random or if Cannon has or currently is dating these women. In any event, several women appear in the teaser clip, in which Cannon also jokes about his selection process when he says, “Eeny, meeny, miny, [moe].”


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