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Nicki Minaj sues a gossip blogger for defamation who called her a “Cokehead”

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Onika Maraj is suing blogger Nosey Heaux for defamation.

Nicki Minaj sues blogger Nosey Heaux for calling her a ‘cokehead’

The NY, Queens native has sued a blogger and podcaster who goes by the name “Nosey Heaux,” according to TMZ, whose real name is Marley Green, apparently released a video in which she called Minaj a “cokehead” who was “shoving all this cocaine up her nose.” Minaj is claiming that the clip is defamatory. According to the lawsuit, the video received 260 retweets and roughly 2,000 likes and also included “vile comments” about Minaj’s son.

The “Super Freaky Girl” rapper has filed the suit against social media personality Nosey Heaux — aka Marley Green — for $75,000 after Green posted a video on Monday (September 12) calling Nicki Minaj a “cokehead.”

“[Minaj is] shoving all this cocaine, shoving in all this cocaine up her nose. Allegedly. Thank you. Allegedly. But we all know it’s true,” Nosey Heaux allegedly said via social media.

“F—k, listen, I can’t even say allegedly with that ’cause I — we all know it’s true. I’m not saying allegedly on that. Nicki Minaj is a cokehead.”

Minaj is also upset with Nosey Heaux for allegedly making disparaging comments about her 1-year-old son, and The blogger is referencing Nicki’s husband Kenneth Petty’s rape charges that he and Nicki are now fighting against.

In legal documents obtained by TMZ, Nicki refers to Nosey Heaux and her blog as “nobody”, claiming that Green’s “main accomplishments in life have been a string of criminal charges, bail jumping and bad debts,” miss Nicki did her work, baby.

The rapper’s legal team believes that Green’s posts continue to be harmful to this day because they gain traction and Nicki is concerned with her fans and others believing what Green has said.

Nicki’s lawyer, Judd Burstein commented that Green’s post about Nicki being a “cokehead” has traction on Twitter. To be exact, 2,000 likes and more than 250 retweets, grabbing the attention of more and more people every day that it is posted.


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