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Offset calls Chris Brown A Coke Head! "Coke head don't want smoke"

Well, that escalated quickly.

Chris Brown vs. Offset!!!!!

Grab the popcorn y’all, things are get pretty heated between Chris Brown & Offset right now. If you missed it, Chris Brown popped off at Offset this evening for coming at him on IG for his 21 Savage meme. Offset told Chris his "memes ain’t funny lame,” before Chris quickly clapped back, telling Offset to suck his dick, and to fight him.

"Fuck you lil boy. Better worry about what u got going and focus on 'you,'" Chris Brown wrote. "All this cap on IG is what's lame. Yo energy wont that when I came to Drake show in LA. If you don't get yo a hip a hop a hibbet a hibbet to the hip hip hop and ya don't stop the rockin facea** out of my comments. Sensitive a** n**ga. Call me personally. U want some clout when all u gotta do is pull up. No camera, no flexing and all at!!! If you a real man fight me. Oh and another thing, suck my dick!”

Offset responds to Chris Breezy on his instagram stories


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