Offset Tries To Check Chris Brown After Posting 21 Savage Meme Video

Offset Scolds Chris Brown Over 21 Savage Meme: "Ain't Funny Lame"

Offset was not a fan of Chris Brown's mash-up of Big Shaq and 21 Savage.

Many have been coming to 21 Savage's defense this week after the Atlanta rapper was arrested by ICE. He is currently facing possible deportation from the home and family he built in the United States. All of this stems from the fact that Savage moved to the States when he was 7-years-old with a valid Visa. After applying for a U-Visa in 2017, he was nabbed for overstaying his welcome. The Migos have been instrumental in their support for their colleague, encouraging the masses to sign the petition to Free 21 Savage. When Chris Brown posted a meme mashing up Savage's XXL cypher with comedian Big Shaq, Offset was having none of it and decided to step up for his friend.



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