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Rick Ross Drops New Video With Swizz Beatz "BIG TYME"

Rick Ross shares “BIG TYME” video featuring Swizz Beatz

Port Of Miami 2 is out August 9.

As Rick Ross gears up for the release of Port of Miami 2, Rozay decides to tap Swizz Beatz and Jordyn Woods for the "BIG TYME" video

Dropping early today, Rozay starts off the "BIG TYME" video with Swizz Beatz visiting him in his garage, checking out some vintage whips and picking out what they wanna ride in today. Racing through the beautiful streets of Miami, aerial shots of the city show us just what we're missing out on. If you're looking for a quick synopsis, expect pretty women, expensive cars, bottles of champagne, more pretty women and more expensive cars.

The video for "BIG TYME" is out now. Check it out above.


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