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Rihanna Talks Super Bowl Setlist, Teases ‘Weird’ New Music and More

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

The award-winning musician, fashion, and beauty mogul confirms her Super Bowl halftime show will be 13 minutes long.

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Rihanna says Super Bowl Setlist Changed 39 Times, Teases ‘Weird’ New Music: ‘It Might Not Ever Make Sense to My Fans’

On Thursday (February 9), The “Lift Me Up” singer teased what fans can expect from her highly anticipated 2023 Super Bowl halftime show performance this weekend during a press conference in Arizona.

“We’ve been working on it for a while, and every day it just gets closer and closer to the finished product. Today’s a really big rehearsal, a really important one, that’s going to be crucial for Sunday,” Rihanna, chic in a leather jacket, edgy patterned dress and lace-up heels, said.

“It’s a lot of preparation. This is the week that – it really is [about] being tested. Everyone, we’re just tightening up everything, everybody’s dialing in, everybody’s tuning up and [it’s] a lot of moving parts,” she continued.

Rihanna admitted that the biggest challenge she’s faced in planning her “jam-packed show” so far was narrowing down her set list — the show will run 13 minutes, but Rihanna has a career that spans eight albums and 17 years. Cramming all of that material into 13 minutes has been “difficult,” she said.

“I mean, it’s literally, like, 300 to 400 people breaking the stage down and building it back up and getting it out in eight minutes. It’s incredible. It’s almost impossible.”

Watch the full Super Bowl half time show press conference below.


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