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Roy Jones Jr. goes off on Floyd Mayweather over belts comment “I Don't Give A Damn What Nobody Say”

Roy Jones Jr. on Floyd Mayweather statement "TOO MANY BELTS" COMPLAINT; SAYS ALL TITLES "MEANT WORLD TO ME"

Floyd Mayweather Jr. says there are too many world championships, too many sanctioning fees

"We gotta clean this sport of boxing up," Mayweather said in a recent interview.

“Too many champions. It’s no such thing as a super champion, not at all. And I’m not taking anything away from no fighter. It’s too many belts.

"And the reason why it’s too [many], let me tell people what’s going on in the sport of boxing, why there are so many different titles and so many different belts.

Roy Jones: I Wasn't Like Mayweather, I Went And Got Every Belt Possible

“First of all, I don’t give a damn what nobody say. I don’t give a damn what they got to say,” exclaimed Jones (66-9, 47KOs), an eight-time titlist spanning four weight divisions. “They ain’t got nothing to do with me. I do what I do, my business is my business. I don’t care what he or nobody else got to say. It ain’t got nothing to do with what he doing. So, he can stay in his lane and do what he do, let me do what I do.


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