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Snoop Dogg announces plans to buy multiple teams in Ice Cube's Big3 league

Ice Cube announces BIG3 ownership NFTs and Snoop Dogg wants two teams.

Ice Cube Announces "BIG3 Ownership NFTs" Ahead Of Return, Snoop Dogg Wants Two Teams

As the BIG3 approaches its fifth season, the professional basketball league co-founded by rapper and businessman Ice Cube is giving fans an opportunity to own a minority stake in its 12 teams.

Cube and Snoop made the announcement on Saturday (April 22), the two LA-natives appear to be in a home studio as Cube points his cellphone camera at Snoop. “I’mma get me a couple teams cuz,” Snoop says. “I ain’t gon’ buy one. I’mma get a couple teams ‘cause I’m with the move, so y’all better hurry up and get in where you fit in ‘cause it may not be none left.”

Snoop seemingly plans to purchase two of the teams, it's unclear if he’s referring to getting involved in Cube’s latest BIG3 Ownership NFT endeavor.

Check out Snoop and Cube discussing ownership below and look out for the BIG3 NFTs in May.

“We’re in a new day. Right now, we’re in the day of the NFT. This is perfect for the BIG3. This is a perfect time because now we can connect our league with the fans,” Cube explained. “Web 3.0 get ready for BIG3.o. It’s a time where through the blockchain, fans can actually buy a piece of any team in the BIG3 or all the teams in the BIG3, depends on what you want to do.”

“We’re going to be dropping a BIG3 ownership NFT very soon and we want y’all to be a part of it,” he continued.

2022 BIG3 Combine in Las Vegas. The combine is scheduled for May 14.


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