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Snoop Dogg Laid Mother, Beverly Tate Laid to Rest Today

The legendary MC 'laid his mother to rest' in private funeral.

Snoop Dogg's Mother, “Beverly Tate”, Was Laid to Rest Today

Beverly Tate was celebrated on Monday (Nov. 8) during a private funeral service in Inglewood, CA.

Following private viewing Sunday, which was only attended by friends and family the mother of legendary rapper was laid to rest during a private funeral on Monday afternoon, the 50-year-old hip-hop icon shared a obituary program of the memorial service.

The ceremony was held at YouTube Theater 1011 Stadium Dr, in Inglewood, CA...

Snoop Dogg shared multiple heartfelt tributes to his mother Beverly Tate ahead of the memorial service.

“We send my queen to paradise tommoro pray4 me and the family,” he added praying hand, dove of peace, red rose and tear emoji as the caption. “🙏🏾🕊🌹😢”

Mother Tate has been hospitalized and dealing with undisclosed health issues back in July.

Snoop didn’t reveal what was wrong with his mom but he did ask for support from his 65 million plus followers on Instagram. “I need all my prayer warriors for momma right now please and thank you.”

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