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Snoop Dogg reflects the time Queen Elizabeth II came to his defense: “That's my gal”

Snoop Dogg recalled how the British monarch once came to his rescue.

Snoop Dogg Revisits The Time Queen Elizabeth II Helped Him Avoid UK Ban

Snoop Dogg is apparently OK in Queen Elizabeth’s book.

Unfortunately, the entire nation is happy and celebrated Queen Elizabeth's death with Memes ─ Royal Family’ Elizabeth was a colonizer and the head of a racist monarchy that enslaved, colonized, and murdered black people and non-white people across the globe.

However, the Doggfather and Queen Elizabeth II have a connection in 1994 the monarch prevented his expulsion from England when he faced first- and second-degree murder charges.

Snoop has reacted to the death of Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away on Thursday (September 8) after 70 years on the throne at 96 years old. Britain’s longest-reigning monarch was beloved by many people across the world.

Snoop shared an old interview clip to his Instagram in which he tells DJ Whoo Kid about the time Queen Elizabeth's prevented him from being banned from touring in England.

Back in February interview with DJ Whoo Kid, the 50-year-old rap veteran spoke about the time he was nearly exiled from the United Kingdom. Snoop said there were growing calls to ban him from the UK during the 1990s, while he was fighting a murder case for which he was ultimately acquitted.

“They kicked me out the UK. ‘Kick this evil bastard out,’” Snoop said, referring to a 1994 headline in the Daily Star. “It’s a headline, n***a. That shit is documented. They had a picture of me on the front [...] They was like, ‘Kick this evil bastard out.’”

Snoop explained UK residents were calling on officials to ban him from the region due to multiple charges stemming from the fatal shooting of rival gang member Philip Woldermariam.

“This was while I was fighting a murder case, over there [UK] doing shows ...” he continued. ““But guess who came to my defense? Just take a guess.”

Whoo took a few seconds to think it over, before Snoop revealed it was Queen Elizabeth who had his back.

“The queen, n***a. The queen said, ‘This man has done nothing in our country. He can come,’” he explained. “The queen, n***a, bow down. When the queen speak, bow down. That’s Harry and Williams’ grandmother, you dig? You think you think they weren’t there saying, ‘Grandma, please let him in, grandma. He’s OK. We love his music.’ ‘You know Harry, I’ll let him in for you. He’s not so bad after all and he’s quite cute.’ … The queen, that’s my gal.”


This isn’t the first time Snoop credited the queen for supporting his stay in the UK. In previous interviews, the West Coast legend said the British monarch expressed her support after Prince William and Prince Harry praised his music.

“When they tried to kick me out of England, the Queen made a comment that her grandbabies loved Snoop Doggy Dogg, and he had done no wrong in Britain, so she gave me permission to be in the country,” he claimed several years ago. “Those grandbabies grew up to be Prince William and Harry, so I had influence on them, and they had influence on their grandmother, which enabled me to get into this beautiful country. They love my music, and it is what it is. There’s a mutual love and respect.

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