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Snoop Dogg to Drop a New Album "I Wanna Thank Me" on 8|16

Snoop Dogg's New album 'I Wanna Thank Me' releasing 'AUG. 16' this Friday.

The Crip Legend/veteran rapper’s 17th studio album, also titled I Wanna Thank Mewhich is expected to arrive on Friday.

Even after decades of valued contributions to the game, Snoop Dogg remains one of hip-hop's most prolific artists. Last year, the Doggfather made sure to sate his fans with an experimental offering to a higher power, with the gospel-inspired Bible of Love. Of course, prior to that came Neva Left, a veritable homage to a forgotten era, which found Snoop reliving his come-up in the LBC. Suffice it to say, we've seen somewhat of a creative renaissance from the stalwart veteran, and from the sound of it, there's still gas left in the tank.

Seventeenth studio album, I Wanna Think Me.



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