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Soulja Boy Tells Tory Lanez He'll Smack the Hairline off over disagreement who wore “BAPE” first

Soulja Boy makes yet another controversial claim and Juelz Santana and Tory Lanez puts in their two cents.

Juelz Santana and Tory Lanez “chimes” in on Big Soulja's Claiming That He Influenced Bathing APE

The connection Hip Hop culture has with Japanese fashion company A Bathing Ape is arguably one of the more special unions in the culture. On Wednesday (April 7), the Atlanta native took to Twitter and claimed he introduced Bape clothing to Hip Hop.

“I made these n*gg*z wanna wear BAPE,” Soulja Boy tweeted confidently. Big Draco let off another post with pictures of him wearing Bape in the past and present.

“I’m a real trendsetter no kizzy,” the rapper tweeted with pictures.

[SWIPE RIGHT]: Juelz Sanata chimed in with a comment on via @Akademiks Instagram account that read “Lololol” with a face slap emoji attached. Tory Lanez also jumped in Akademiks’ comments to give credit to Lil Wayne and his iconic music video for “Hustler Muzik.”

“The video for ‘hustler Muzik’ when Wayne was running from the cops is what made me wanna wear Bape,” Lanez wrote.

Later, Big Dracko tweeted he chatted with Tory Lanez on the phone “Y'all chill we good on gang. Misunderstanding”

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