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Steph Curry catches up with J. Cole before the Warriors lost against Charlotte tonight

The North Carolina MC and Stephen Curry shared a moment before the game in Charlotte tonight.

J. Cole and Stephen Curry choppin’ it up during pregame | Warriors Vs Charlotte Hornets

Before the game, Steph Curry was seen talking to Dreamville founder, and the video of them talking can be seen in a tweet that is embedded below from the Twitter account of the Warriors.

The Golden State Warriors started their first East Coast road trip of the season with a rematch against the Hornets. After defeating Charlotte 114-92 in San Francisco, the Dubs found it much harder to score outside of Chase Center. This time, they fell short in a tight 106-102 ballgame, dropping to a 11-2 on the season.

The Golden State Warriors lost to the Charlotte Hornets on Sunday night 106-102 in North Carolina.

Watch Golden State Warriors vs. Charlotte Hornets Full Game Highlights below.

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