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Steph Curry wins MVP and his first-ever Kobe Bryant trophy

Steph Curry wins MVP and takes home the Kobe Bryant award #NBAAllStar

Stephen Curry hits 16 3s to win All-Star Game MVP

Stephen Curry earns 2022 NBA All-Star Game MVP, demolishes record for most 3-pointers in single game.

Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry puts on a show as Team LeBron defeats Team Durant 163-160 on Sunday (February 20), Curry-30 ridiculously fired his way to 50 points to earn MVP honors and lead fellow Akron native and Cavaliers legend LeBron James’ team to a 163-160 victory over the squad captained by Kevin Durant.

The Nets superstar already wasn’t going to play due to a knee injury, but he did not attend or get to take part in the league’s 75th anniversary team celebration at halftime due to the death of his grandmother.

[Watch below] Stephen Curry's MVP speech + Steph Full Postgame & NBA All-Star Full Game


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