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Stephen Jackson exchanges words w/ Stephen A. fighting for equality following Kyrie Irving comments

Stephen A. and Stephen Jackson CLAPS BACK at each other following Kyrie Irving's NBA playoffs boycott.

Stephen A. Smith responds to ex-NBA forward Stephen Jackson criticism over the Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving comments:

Kyrie Irving, Dwight Howard and others strongly disagree with the NBA's decision to return to play this season, citing "systematic racism" and the league rushing to finish a season in the face of injustice and social reform nationwide. Irving was reportedly the central voice of a call with over 150 players last week, voicing his disapproval in an effort to establish unity in hopes of convincing players to see the bigger picture.

ESPN NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith slammed the idea of a player boycott and refusal to play in response to Stephen Jackson watch the video below: —“We never had this moment so we gotta take advantage of it, It's no where a game is more important than police killing us.”

Some players aren't happy about this and are trying to find a way to get the NBA to change some of their plans. According to Taylor Rooks and Howard Beck of Bleacher Report, Kyrie Irving is apparently leading this charge and plans to host a Zoom call with 200 NBA players tonight. This call will see players voice their concerns while standing together in solidarity.

Stephen A. reacting to Kyrie Irving calling for NBA players to sit out the rest of the season | GetUp


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