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Stephen A. Smith goes ‘Next Friday’ Pinky on Michael Irvin following Sunday loss to Washington

“Say Another Word This Is Over!” ESPN’s First Take Stephen A. Smith puts his acting skills to work on Monday.

Stephen A. won't let Michael Irvin say a SINGLE WORD after the Cowboys’ week 18 loss

Stephen A. Smith channeled his inner Pinky from “Next Friday” this morning.

The ESPN host couldn’t wait to roast Michael Irvin about the Dallas Cowboys losing in their regular season finale, especially when they played all of their starters.

Stephen A. threw on his cowboy hat and sounded off on Cowboys’ poor Week 18 performance vs. the Commanders.

As soon as First Take started, he was standing behind Michael Irvin and they reenacted a popular scene from the hit movie ‘Next Friday.’

“Shut Up!” “What happen to the [Cowboys yesterday] Shut Up”

Check out the Original ‘Next Friday’ Pinky scene below.


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