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Stephen A. Smith retires LeBron James on ‘First Take’ says he's never winning another championship

Stephen A. Smith says it’s ‘over’ for LeBron James: ‘I think LeBron has won his last title’

Stephen A: LeBron James Will Never Win Another NBA Championship While Boasting About Steph Curry

On Wednesday morning ESPN anchor Stephen A. Smith dismissed the Los Angeles Lakers’ chances of winning the NBA title this season, and he also declared that LeBron James has “won his last title.”

In the process, Smith picked the Golden State Warriors to represent the Western Conference in this season’s NBA Finals.

“I wanna say congratulations to LeBron James,” Smith said. “For a wondrous illustrious career four-time champion, four-time league MVP went to 10 NBA finals.

Stephen A added. “Your run was phenomenal my brother it was something special,” the game of basketball will be eternally grateful to you for all that you have done.”


Stephen A. Smith Believes LeBron James Has Won His Last Title: "It's Over."

NOV 16, 2021


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