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T.I. and Lil Flip agrees to do an interview together on ExpediTously with TIP Podcast

T.I. extends his hands to past rival Lil Flip.

Lil Flip and T.I. to exchanged Podcasts with eachother on their platforms

On Friday (July 10), T.I. reminisce the old beef with him and Lil Flip. For those to remember this, Lil Flip and T.I. beef was probably one of the biggest beefs in Southern Rap history. Recently, T.I. invited Flip to ExpediTously with TIP Podcast, on instagram while calling out the “BULLY” Fif for a verzuz battle.

The Houston rapper responded in the comment section. “Let's do it but we gotta Film, this at the same time for your podcast as well as mine.”

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