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T.I. is down to go hit-for-hit against 50 Cent Or Lil Wayne on IG live battle

T.I. is willing to battle Fifty Or Wayne on Verzuz.

T.I. says he’d be down to face 50 Cent or Lil Wayne in a #Verzuzbattle

Several legendary acts have put their catalogues against each other to provide entertainment during this coronavirus pandemic.

On Thursday (May 21), Hot 97 Peter Rosenberg were discussing T.I.'s love for hip-hop culture, hopped on @complex via IG Live. Ask T.I. who he would battle: —"The people been asking for me and Young [Jeezy]," revealed Tip. "They been asking for me and Jeezy but I'll go hit-for-hit with anybody from my generation.

He goes on to name 50 Cent as a possible suitor, claiming that he's not afraid of the rapper. He also brings up Lil Wayne as another pick of his, serving confidence in his replies.

So far, T.I. has been a big fan of the Verzuz battles. Will he eventually participate in one of his own?

Who do you want to see him face-off against? Watch below at the 11-minute mark.


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