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T.I., Tyler, the Creator, Schoolboy Q, Boycotts Sweden following Asap Rocky's Arrest

Tyler The Creator, TIP, Schoolboy Q Says ‘No More Sweden For Me, Ever’ Following ASAP Rocky’s Arrest

Tyler, the Creator, Schoolboy Q, Lil Yachty and T.I. Boycott Sweden Following ASAP Rocky's Arrest

Free Flacko campaign is going strong following A$AP Rocky's arrest in Sweden.

A$AP Rocky was denied bail and has been placed in solitary confinement in Sweden following an altercation with the rapper's crew and a man who was following him. Things aren't looking too good for him right now since he'll likely remain in a Swedish prison until his court date. Friends, fans, and peers have called for his freedom across social media including Tyler, The Creator who stated that he won't be performing in Sweden in support of Rocky. He's not the only one. Another one of Rocky's close friends has also joined the boycott of Sweden in support of the #FreeFlacko movement.

ScHoolboy Q fans in Sweden will also have to travel outside of the country to see Groovy Q live. The rapper took to Twitter to co-sign Tyler, The Creator's sentiment towards performing in the European country. "no more sweden for me, ever," Tyler after news of Rocky's appeal being denied surfaced. Q quoted the tweet, writing, "I’m not goin nomo eitHer... #FLACKO." Lil Yachty also announced that he wouldn't hit Sweden either. "Me 3 will never hit Sweden again... #freeflacko," he wrote.


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