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The Game applaud Meek's Rapping Skills: Says Meek Mill Rap so Fast people missing the Bars

West Coast Rapper Game on Meek Mill fast~rapping.

The Game and Meek Mill have settled their rap feud. On Monday (Dec. 3), 2018 the Compton rhymer went on his twitter account and applauds Meek Mill rapping skills.

Here's How Meek Mill Squashed His Beef With The Game:

Game then revealed how Meek was the one who extended an olive branch, which led them to call a truce. "I say all that to say, life is short & the day after Meek Mill got out of jail, he called me & we talked for an hour. not about the beef but about new beginnings & what the future holds for us as seasoned hip-hop artists," the "Oh I" rapper explained. "That was a few months back &  my n***a has done everything he said he would do in the conversation we had. Real n***a sh*t, I never wished jail on you & I was genuinely happy when you got released. I said it over the phone & I'll say it again... 'Welcome Home' n***a..."

Meek has yet to respond to Game's recent Twitter post.

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