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The Game is planning on dropping a Eminem diss track

The Compton-bred rapper is allegedly ‘coming for’ Eminem on upcoming single.

The Game Has a New Song Dissing Eminem “Locked in the Vault” Wack 100 Says

The Game reportedly has a diss track in the tuck aimed directly at Eminem, according to The Game's manager, Wack100 says Em is likely to clap back at The Game considering his responses to Nick Cannon and Machine Gun Kelly.

On Sunday (April 3), an audio clip from a recent Clubhouse room hosted by the often-controversial hip-hop manager popped up on YouTube, with the primary focus being on the fact that Wack claims that The Game's next single will contain all the smoke for Marshall.

“‘Black Slim Shady,’ it’s coming,” he said. “That nigga better be ready ’cause this nigga done went crazy…” “He coming for Eminem,” Wack continued. “He coming like a motherfucker.”

The Clubhouse chat group suggests that there is no real beef outside of competition between two elite lyricists, Wack100 went in on Eminem's past, calling Slim disrespectful to himself and others for putting pen to pad and dropping records that call out the issues Eminem has had with his own mother as well as the issues he's had with Kim Scott, the mother of his daughter Hailey.


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