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The Internet Reacts: Calls for Delegation Trade Stephen A. Smith for Max Kellerman

See Twitter comments about Stephen A. following Colin Kaepernick's NFL workout Roots-inspired 'Kunta Kinte' shirt.

Black People and White People are calling Stephen A. Smith a Coon: (Typically a sell-out).

“Max Kellerman is really doing a such an excellent job, that Social Media wants to trade Stephen A. Smith for Max over Stephen A's Kaepernick's harsh comments on First Take.”

Max Kellerman shut down Stephen A. Smith's comments on Colin Kaepernick's workout. On Monday (Nov.18), First Take, co-host Max Kellerman had an opportunity to respond to Smith’s criticism. Kellerman addressed his own privilege as a white man while shutting down Smith’s pro-NFL argument.

[@maxkellerman] —"Some of my thoughts on Kaepernick"


Black Twitter Clapbacks.


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