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The Lox Discusses Verzuz Success and Longevity in Hip-Hop In GQ Interview

The LOX gave an interview to GQ magazine and it's epic.

The Lox on Their Verzuz Triumph and Longevity in Hip-Hop

For over 27 years, The legendary rap crew L.O.X. built a reputation for being one of the most tight-knit rap groups in Hip Hop history. They entered the game standing side by side and if there were any internal issues amongst them, it was never made public.

The reflects on their hot summer. The Lox found their niche at the turn of the millennium with a brash style of street rap all their own: You felt every “Fuck you” in your chest knew.

In latest interview with GQ, Styles P revealed how he studied current trends in Hip Hop in preparation of The LOX’s showdown with Dipset, while naming the notorious 6ix9ine as one of the inspirations behind their Verzuz game plan.

Take a look at Lox-Dipset's Roasting Session below, during their verzuz battle in August.


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