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Tory Lanez disses Megan Thee Stallion and boyfriend Pardison Fontaine on New Song “CAP”: Listen

The Canadian rhymer has come through with the new track “CAP.”

Tory Lanez Drops Megan Thee Stallion, Pardi Diss Track 'CAP' - Listen

Toronto-bred singer/rapper is putting his beef on wax.

At midnight on Friday (March. 11), Tory Lanez released a diss track titled “Cap,” after going back and forth with Megan Thee Stallion on social media, the Toronto rapper is using his music to address their ongoing dispute. On his new song “Cap,” which also seemingly throws shots at Megan Thee Stallion.

“He a bird, he probably in the ex four / Plus the only party that we know is next door / You know these ni**as talkin’, know these pu**y boys a joke / You got a Goyard on your birthday ’cause that ni**a broke, uh / Yeah, I’m too rich for boobytrap / Just bought a pharmacy with Doctor T, we off the map / The casa, the migo, that sh*t right where I’m at / He would say somethin’ back, but he need Cardi B for that / My wrists cost a ni**a whole career, ni**a / Eighteen-point-seven in a year, ni**a,” he raps.

Lanez seemly weighing in on sleeping with two best friends [Kelsey Nicole] and [Megan Thee Stallion] “Ken just got them two best friends to f**k, I said goals”

Listen to Tory Lanez diss track "CAP" aimed at Megan and Pardi below.

You can stream "CAP" via on Spotify and Apple Music or other major platforms.

As the reports made the rounds online, Tory took to Twitter to offer his own disclaimer prior to the track’s release on Friday, to clarify he isn't dissing Cardi B or Offset on “CAP.”

“Before my new song #CAP even drops TONIGHT… there’s one thing in the song I don’t want no one getting confused… I am not dissing @OffsetYRN or @iamcardib That’s family.”

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