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Trina makes second Apology, after Protest, Looting Comments: ‘Keep these animals off the street’

Miami-native Trina has come under fire for comments she made on Wednesday regarding protesters following the death of George Floyd.

Trina Apologizes Twice For Comments About Protestors After Receiving Backlash

The Miami emcee – real name Katrina Taylor made the remarks while speaking with fellow Miami rapper and radio host Trick Daddy about the civil unrest that has permeated the world and led to looting in various cities throughout the country.

After catching backlash for her controversial rant about protesters, Trina apologized and clarified her comments via her Trick 'N Trina Morning Show with Trick Daddy on Miami’s 99 Jamz on Thursday (June 4). “I just want to say I apologize sincerely to everybody I offended by what I said. I spoke passionately about how I felt about people destroying our community here in Miami,” said Trina.

On Friday (June 5) Trina issued a 2nd apology attempts to clarify that she didn't mean to Call Protesters 'Animals' “I am not perfect. I've fallen short, I've been racially profiled, and I've had trouble articulating my emotions in the face of personal frustration.“

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