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Viral Indie Artist Pays Tribute To Betty White By Photoshopping Jerry Heller's Mom With Ms. White

A photoshopped picture of Betty White with Eazy-E has gone viral replaced by Jerry Heller's mom.

Jerry Heller's Mom Gets Replaced With Betty White's ‘a picture taking with Eazy-E’ Created by Anonymous Artist.

The legendary actress and comedian’ death was confirmed on Friday morning (December 31), White passed away at her home at age 99-years-old, just a few weeks shy of her 100th birthday, according to PEOPLE magazine.

White, who is mostly known her starring roles on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Golden Girls, was an eight-time Emmy winner who was considered a cultural icon. Since making her tv debut in 1939, White has held the record for the longest TV career of any entertainer.

Just minutes after her death... the media publication (@AuxGod_), tweeted a photoshopped image of Ms. Betty White while sitting next to Eazy-E and what it appears to be Dr. Dre in the back.

The photoshopped image have spreaded like wildfire, (@AuxGod_) wrote “RIP Betty White 🙏.”

The nephew of Jerry Heller shared a picture on Instagram back in 2019. He seemly pointed out lost picture, found of his Grandmother, “Hilda Heller” taking a photo with the late N.W.A member Eazy-E.

He captioned the original picture: “Wow wow wow! Just found this picture of #eazye and my gorgeous grandmother Hilda Heller!!”


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