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WATCH 2 Chainz Talks he Turned Down a Deal with Jay-Z

2 Chainz has been aiming for a Jay-Z collaboration for years but recently, he revealed he was once offered a deal from HOV. Earlier today, 2 Chainz debuted his the first episode of his new YouTube series #CrateTalk with special guest Steve Stoute. The rapper explained to the industry vet that Jay-Z once offered to fly him out for a meeting but he declined out of loyalty to someone in Atlanta who helped him get his foot through the door.

2 Chainz chops it up with Steve Stoute on episode 1 of "#CrateTalk."

#CrateTalk Episode 1: 2 Chainz and Steve Stoute!

WATCH | 2 Chainz hits the court with industry vet Steve Stoute

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