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Will Smith performed 'Men in Black' at Coachella with J Balvin

Will Smith makes surprise Men in Black appearance with J Balvin at Coachella.

The rapper-actor joins J. Balvin at Coachella for ‘Men in Black’ Performance

Will Smith hit the stage alongside J Balvin to perform his hit song “Men in Black,” from his 1997 box office blockbuster film.

On Sunday (April 14), Will Smith crashes the Columbia superstar set with J Balvin, for Coachella 2024 for 'Men in Black.

This past weekend, Smith arrived at Coachella for a surprise performance dressed in a suit and sunglasses — like his famous “Men in Black” character, Agent J — as aliens danced around him. 

The Grammy-winning actor, 55, made his showstopping appearance during J Balvin’s Sunday night set at the Indio, California, music festival. 

While wearing the “Men in Black” suit and sunglasses and performing the title track of the 1997 film. The appearance was brief but memorable, capping a UFO-themed set and concluding with Balvin being dragged off by black-suit-clad dancers as Smith pulled out a “Neuralyzer,” the famous memory-eraser device from the film.


The appearance marked Will Smith's second performance at Coachella since 2019.


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