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Will Smith wins best actor award for ‘King Richard’ biopic at 2022 Golden Globes

Will Smith has reportedly won his first Golden Globe for his role as Venus and Serena Williams father, Richard Williams, in the 2021 movie “King Richard.”

Will Smith Wins First Ever Golden Globe For His Performance In King Richard

After years of being nominated for multiple awards, the Hollywood star finally won his first Golden Globe on Jan. 9. Smith is taking home the award for the Best Actor in Motion Picture Drama category after capturing the essence of Venus and Serena’s father, Richard Williams, in the movie “King Richard.”

King Richard which was released in November 2021, received gleaming reviews from critics and with awards season officially underway the biopic has already picked up a couple of awards. Will Smith is no longer just a five-time Golden Globe nominee, now the actor can call himself a winner. Smith took home the Best Actor in a Motion Picture-Drama award on Sunday for his powerful performance in King Richard.

Smith was first nominated for a Golden Globe back in 1993 for his role in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. This is the first time he takes home the win.

In 2021 Venus and Serena Williams joined Will Smith at his takeover of Red Table Talk confess they almost didn’t executive produce ‘King Richard.’

Serena: “We wanted our story, to make sure that it was something that we were—”

“That we were proud of,” Venus said, finishing her sister’s statement.

Luckily, Smith’s portrayal of their father and the overall film met the Williams sisters’ expectations. They signed onto the project as EPs as soon as they realized how great it was.

“And you did an unbelievable job!” Serena said. “How do you feel when you see it?”

Smith opened up about the intimidating task of playing their father, comparing it to the time he signed on to play Muhammad Ali after the boxer personally asked him to join the film.

“I wanted to honor the two of you and I wanted to honor your family in a way that would resonate with your heart forever,” Smith said. “It is such a daunting task. What you guys represent in the world and what you’ve created — your story is one of the most inspirational stories in American history. When you make a movie, it’s an opportunity to take a snapshot that lasts forever. You just don’t want to take a terrible picture of some beautiful subjects.”

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