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Woman finds Nelly's lost Duffle Bag with $300k in it, Returns it just to receive a $100 reward

Nelly rewards woman a hundred dollar for returning $300,000 cash.

Lady Gets Flamed For Allegedly Returning Nelly's Lost Duffle Bag With $300k & Getting A $100 Prize Back

The St. Louis rapper rewarded this act of honesty in an extremely underwhelming manner, with a measly $100.

Nelly's lost duffle bag is said to have contained $300,000 in cash, according to The Neighborhood Talk, because the woman who found his bag decided to do the right thing and return it, the woman gets clowned for it.

“We up here at the bowling alley, she found a bag," a guy filming and pointing his camera laughing at the woman who helped the St. Louis singer out, watching her crack up as he was talks. "And guess what she do? She gave it back," he told listeners, revealing his friend's foolishness.

Many social media users have pointed out that the reward seems like a bit of an insult, saying that “I would've returned the bag with $100 in it,” although one user did commend the woman, saying “she’ll get her blessing back in time…” Check out the video below.

Nelly responded in the IG post comment section calls the lady “SUUUUUUPPPPPEEERRRRR CAAPPP 🧢.

In addition to IG comments, Another person wrote. “baby, Nelly would've got a prayer from me and that's all... Bless her heart I guess. Others added “they only gave her $100?! I mean she's [definitely] seeing the gates of heaven, but I would've snatched that right back out they hands, and “she'll get her blessing back in time... Wow at that $100 though lol.


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