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Update: Woman who Cardi B threw microphone at files battery report with police

Cardi B is now listed as a suspect for battery after throwing her microphone at a concertgoer in Las Vegas.

Bronx rapper listed as suspect after mic throw at Las Vegas concert

Cardi B allegedly suspect of battery after new footage shows “telling fans to throw water”

The woman told authorities that she was at a concert on Saturday and was "struck by an item that was thrown from the stage,” the police department said.

According to the authorities, “The incident has been documented on a police report and no arrest or citations have been issued," said the police department, adding, “No further details will be provided at this time.”


A new video has surfaced of Cardi B telling fans to throw water at her prior to throwing a microphone at a fan for doing just that. Now, Cardi may be in legal trouble.


The viral footage of the incident shows the “WAP” rapper, 30, chucking her mic into the crowd in retaliation to an audience member who threw their drink at her while she was performing at Drai’s Beachclub Saturday.

The woman went to the cops after the show. According to TMZ, the concertgoer walked into the Las Vegas Metro PD on Sunday to report the incident, which was caught on camera by several other fans in the crowd.

Police stated, no arrests or citations have been issued at this time. However, TMZ reports that Cardi was named as a suspect.


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