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WWE superstar Cody Rhodes raps Tupac Shakur ‘California Love’ verse in Final WrestleMania promo

Cody Rhodes spitting some of Tupac Shakur’s California Love bars in final promo before WWE WrestleMania 39.

Watch Cody Rhodes’ Tupac Tribute On WWE Smackdown In LA

Rhodes kicked things off by delivering an unexpected rap of 2Pac's California Love verse, and then took a big shot at the Tribal Chief right after.

To this day, “California Love” still stands triumphant, a song that brings all walks of life together. Even those unfamiliar with the nuances of hip-hop history can appreciate the bombastic production, the vocoder work from the masterful Roger Troutman, and the unapologetically G-Funk vibe. The song’s legacy speaks for itself, a reminder that 2Pac’s GOAT credentials did not come unearned.

In the final segment on Friday night (March 31), Cody addressed the WWE fans one last time on SmackDown. Rhodes came to the ring for a promo segment with Roman Reigns. He told the crowd that when he says 'What do you guys wanna talk about?', he means they can literally talk about anything.

Rhodes then proceeded to comment on the fact that WWE is in Los Angeles for the weekend by rapping select lyrics to Death Row Records’ 2Pac & Dr. Dre's 'California Love' song. This, of course, got a massive reaction from the LA crowd.

“I could do a little Diddy for you. I could do the Tupac part of California Love. Out on bail California dreaming, soon as I set on the scenes I’m hearing hoochies screaming. Fiendin’ for money and alcohol the life…,” rapped Cody much to the delight of the crowd on hand in LA. “It might be a hair too adult for FOX so I’ll just end it there.”

The 37-year-old WWE superstar will face the tribal chef Roman Reigns on night two of WrestleMania this Sunday, April 2nd, at SoFi Stadium.

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