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20 years later Irv Gotti still can't get over Ashanti and Nelly dating behind his back

Irv Gotti explains how he found about Ashanti and Nelly’s relationship during a trailer in new upcoming episode of Drink Champs.

Irv Gotti is headed to Drink Champs and he is bringing Ja Rule and all the old “Tea” with him

The Murder Inc. co-founder recalls when he learned Ashanti was dating Nelly by watching an NBA game on TV.

In newly clip shared by N.O.R.E, waxing nostalgic about his former relationship with Murder Inc. singer Ashanti. “Gotti ain’t over it,” N.O.R.E laughs in the caption as Gotti recounts in the video how he found out that Ashanti was dating Country Grammar rapper Nelly. As it happens, he says, “I was at home… NBA package, I like watching sports. ‘My God, what’s this commotion going on in the stadium?’ We just found out what the commotion is: Nelly has walked in with Ashanti.”

Gotti says he was still in love with Ashanti at the time and he was “hurt” by the relationship.

Ashanti and Nelly dated for 11 years before going their separate ways in 2013 — But Irv and Ashanti were a hot item way before Nelly in 2003, Irv learned with the rest of the world that Ashanti was dating Nelly, and he shared with Drink Champs the moment he found out.

Check out the clip of Irv Gotti sharing his story on Drink Champs below.

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