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Offset begs Shannon Sharpe to ‘Stop Wearing Tight Pants’ following viral video: “You Too Big for That!”

Shannon Sharpe's Club Shay Shay podcast debuted its latest episode featuring Offset.

Offset gives Shannon Sharpe advice on Drip

Migos' legend Offset roasts Shannon Sharpe for his tight pants.

He called out Shannon Sharpe for some of his viral outfits he's been spotted wearing which can feature some very tight pants ━ the atlanta rapper gave Sharpe a quick fashion lesson on a new episode of Club Shay Shay.

The two were discussing modern rap, and 32-year-old Offset joked that Sharpe, 55, might be placed in the “oldhead bracket.” Explaining that the category represents those “not culturally involved in the youth,” Offset randomly insisted around the one-minute mark that Sharpe “gotta stop wearing them tight pants too.”

Shannon jokingly declined, saying “I can't do that.” Offset doubled down, adding, “You got to, bro.“

“I ain't been letting them change me, man,” Sharpe said.

“It ain't about that, bruh, it's just you big,” Offset replied. "You too big for that.”

While Sharpe tried to dance around the topic of clothing, suggesting he just wants to be comfortable, Offset advocated for him to “be comfortable and get a little drip.”

“I'm comfortable in what I'm comfortable in,” Sharpe joked, with both of them laughing.


Watch the Full Offset Interview on Club Shay Shay


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