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50 Cent Catches Heat for Posting a Picture of Himself Tributing Nipsey Hussle And Ja Rule Steps In

50 Cent could make a living off trolling his peers. But not with this situation #50Cent sends his condolences to #NipseyHussle’s family with his own picture social media wasn't feeling it and Ja Rule Steps In.

"What a BOZO." - Ja Rule

50 Cent sheds the bully gloves to pay respects to the fallen.

50 Cent has developed a reputation as somewhat of a villain, though his undeniable charisma prevents him from devolving into "heel" status. Yet every so often, 50 Cent breaks character to reveal his gentler nature. Today, the G-Unit rapper took to Instagram to offer his sincere condolences to Nipsey Hussle's friends and family. "To: Nipsey’s Real friends and family I send my Sincere condolences," he writes, alongside a picture of himself. "I’m sorry for your loss God bless."

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