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50 Cent Officially Adds Mo’Nique To ‘BMF’ Drama Series Season 2: “THE UNDER DOG’s BACK ON TOP”

Black Mafia Family now has actress/comedian Mo’Nique on board.

50 Cent Casts Mo'Nique as “Goldie” In BMF Season 2

The 54-year-old “Precious” star has joined the Curtis “50 Cent’ Jackson executive produced Starz drama.

50 Cent has announced on Monday (May 9) that Mo'Nique will star in the next season of “BMF” the rapper-turned-television mogul shared a clip-on Instagram of the comedian revealing that she'll be taking on the role of Goldie in season two and fans are ecstatic to see Mo’Nique back on television.

"Guess who i got in BMF this season [🔥]GOLDIE," he wrote. "I don't miss, THE UNDER-DOG'S BACK ON TOP," 50 cent wrote in the caption. In a separate post, he shared a photo of Mo'Nique on set of BMF with Lil Meech, Eif Rivera, and Da'Vinchi.

“My name is Goldie,” said Mo’Nique, staring directly into the camera. “You know who the f### I am.”

Fif kept his word when it came to helping Mo’Nique return to the big screen. The television producer has continuously advocated for her since he went to her stand-up show. He also claimed that he spoke to both Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels, asking them to publicly apologize to Mo'Nique for previous issues that led her to get blackballed.

No word on when BMF season 2 will premiere, but the production for the show has already begun.

Last month, Mo’Nique and Lee Daniels have reconciled after more than a decade of feuding in the public eye. The film director joined Mo on stage Friday night (April 1) as she performed at her Staten Island comedy show and issued a public apology for the pain he caused her over the last 13 years.

“I am so sorry for hurting you in any way that I did,” he said, per a video shared on Twitter. “She was my best friend, my best friend.”

“Y’all think that Precious was just … that was God working through both of us. And we gonna fucking do it again. I love you. I love you. I love you,” he continued. “I love you,” Mo’Nique responded.

The news of Daniels’ apology arrived on the heels of the announcement of their forthcoming film. According to Deadline, Mo’Nique is set to act in Lee’s Netflix film Demon House. She will portray “a social worker who helps a family through a series of exorcisms” — a role previously held by Octavia Spencer, who dropped the project following scheduling conflicts.

The forthcoming film will mark the professional reunion of Daniels and Mo, who worked together on Precious. Her failure to promote the 2009 movie is what allegedly led to her being blackballed.


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