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50 Cent takes a trip to Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta: “I’m Leaving No Room For Error”

50 Cent says Tyler Perry is helping him with his film studio in Shrevepor.

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson says Tyler Perry “Inspired him” after launching his own G-Unit Studios & Television Inc., in Shreveport.

G-Unit Studios founder aka 50 Cent visits Tyler Perry Studios.

50’s new G-Unit Film Studios in Shreveport, LA is on track to impact much more than just his own bottom line. The rapper-turned television mogul has linked up with Tyler Perry to take G-Unit Studios to the next level.

50 Cent stopped by Tyler Perry’s Atlanta Studios is one of the largest film production studios in America and reportedly the largest Black-owned studio in the world. On Tuesday (June 25) 50 Cent shared some clips from his meeting with Tyler Perry, and the filmmaker rolled out the red carpet.

“I’m leaving no room for error,” 50 Cent wrote in the caption. “Tyler showed me some shit today that inspired me. I need all my money if you owe me, you better give me mine now!”

On Monday (June 17), 50 took a screenshot of "the root" article and wrote an Instagram post, noting that things are going well on his end, and that he’s not in competition with anyone.

“I’m doing great but you’re getting it fvcked up, if you think me and Tyler will be at odds at any point,” he said in the post’s caption. “He’s helping me, already going out of his way to aid my progress. So in the nicest way cut the sh*t!”

In another recent report, According to local NBC affiliate KTAL, 50 and his team have unveiled a “three-phase” initiative that will see the artist and mogul invest directly into the people and the community. And he has already kicked off the first part of the process, which will see him revitalizing a number of properties in downtown Shreveport.

Gerod Durden, the real estate broker helping G-Unit execute this revitalization process, told the news team that 50 Cent plans on buying and renovating about two dozen commercial properties

“He is very passionate about the city,” Durden said. “I would say 10 or more properties that we’ve already closed a few of this week. It’ll be an additional 10 or so. These are all-cash offers. You know, there, there’s quite a few entertainment spots for not only adults and kids.”

He added: “He’s bringing a big jump park here. I mean, it’s a substantial size park. We’re looking at a grocery store in the immediate downtown Shreveport area, and those are ideas that we come up with together with the whole team. What can help the community?”

Following the commercial revitalization, the team will move towards helping ease the path to homeownership by both making more housing available, and making financing more attainable.

“And we start building houses, and we have an idea to grow in the community and help low to moderate-income families get mortgages,” explained G-Unit Film Studio’s Growth Advisor Orville Hall. “And phase three would move into the kids; we are going to go to each high school and put in media programs for kids to start training and mentor purposes. All these things for young people to have a positive environment.”


G-Unit Film & Television Inc. was founded in 2003, kicking off with the documentary 50 Cent: The New Breed. Since then, G-Unit has produced various high-profile TV shows, including Starz’s hit series Power, BMF and its various spin-offs.

Back in April, Fif announced the launch of G-Unit Studios, the home of the rapper's G-Unit Film & Television Inc.

“As someone who has always believed in the transformative power of music, film, and television, I’m beyond excited to introduce the expansion of my G-Unit Film & Television through the launch of G-Unit Studios right here in Shreveport," Fifty told Billboard.

50 added, "From the gritty narratives of the streets to the compelling stories that define our era, G-Unit has always been more than just entertainment; it’s a platform for voices that need to be heard, stories that need to be told. Bringing G-Unit Studios to Shreveport is not just a business decision; it’s a commitment to fostering talent, creating opportunities, and building a community that thrives through creativity and innovation. We see Shreveport as a beacon of inspiration and creativity."

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