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Boosie says the show must go on despite Hurricane Ida could make landfall as a category 3 or higher

Boosie Badazz says Boosie Bash Is ‘Still On’ despite Hurricane Ida approaching Louisiana.

Boosie Bash Is Still Happening As Hurricane Ida Nears Louisiana

Baton Rouge rapper posted on his burner Instagram account on Saturday, August 28 announced his show at A.W. Mumford Stadium is still happing as planned, despite Hurricane Ida making its way to Louisiana and expecting to hit land on Sunday. The state’s Gov. John Bel Edwards warned residents of the storm Late-afternoon today, sharing that it’s set to hit the southeastern coast of the state after likely intensifying as a Category 4 storm, potentially making it the strongest storm to touch the state since the 1850s, WAFB 9 reports.

“No cancelation. We still on,” Boosie BadAzz said on Instagram of the event. “It’s a beautiful day. Just talked to Lil Baby just talked to Da Baby, they’re getting on a jet. Boosie Bash is still on. Y’all better bring y’all ass.”

Ida is estimated to reach wind speeds of 140 miles per hour or more and Edwards expects flash flooding and power outages to be a serious concern.

Other events across the state have been cancelled due to the oncoming storm, such as the New Orleans Saints pre-season game at the Superdome, as evacuations take place in different parts of the state. Those living outside the levee system in New Orleans, and in the communities of Lake Catherine, Irish Bayou and Venetian Isles were ordered to evacuate Friday, according to the Weather Channel.

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