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Boosie speaks Low Album Sales! Boosie Badazz Tells Fake Fans Get Off His Instagram Live

The Baton Rouge rapper Boosie Badazz Sets the record straight calls out Fake Fans. Boosie always has thousands of people watching him on Instagram live. Yet his album sales for the first week (raw sales) was only in the hundred. Only 300 people purchased Boosie Badazz latest album Badazz 3.5.

"And you don't even wanna spend 10 or 20 dollars buy a n!*gga CD,.....Get The F**k Off My Live Right Now."

akadmiks #boosie wasn’t gonna let it slide that he had thousands of ppl watching him on Instagram live yet his album sales for the first week (raw sales) wAs only in the hundred. He kicked off fans who only supported him for the foolishness and not the music


Boosie EXPLODES on fans after finding out only 300 People bought his album.


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