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Cardi B teases Stripper Movie "Hustlers" Official Trailer drops JULY 17

Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, and The Other Ladies On The"Hustlers"

"Hustlers" movie is officially on the way.

The film is was written and directed by Lorene Scafaria who's known for her work on Nick And Norah's Infinite Playlist. The film is set to surround the lives of strippers in New York City in the middle of the financial crisis who rely on their wealthy Wall Street clientele for their income. 

“The film is an empathetic look at women and men, our gender roles, what we’re valued for, what we’ve been told is our value in every movie, TV show, every corner of culture,” Scafaria told Variety. “Men have been told they’re worth the size of their bank accounts. Women have been told they’re worth the symmetry of their faces, their bodies, their beauty and that’s what this film is based on. The rules of the club are the rules of the world.”

Peep J.Lo, Lizzo, Cardi, and Keke's first look in the film below.


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