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Common says He & Drake rap beef started over subliminal shots, both dated Serena Williams: "We Mess With One of the Same Girls"

Common talked about his beef with Drake on Drink Champs.

Common says Drake’s subliminal shots started their Rap Beef, Credits Drizzy’s father ended the feud.

Common on squashing Drake beef, revealing that his dad, Dennis Graham, pushed them to bury the hatchet.

The rap battle with Drake and Common was fairly short-lived, beginning in late 2011 and ending in February 2012, though it still sits as a noteworthy moment in rap. In a new interview with Nore on Drink Champs, the Chicago native reflected on the feud and clarified how it started. According to the 52-year-old, the beef really kicked off when Drake allegedly threw subliminal shots at him, and Common, being a competitor, couldn't help but spar with The Boy. It didn't help that both men dated Serena Williams, adding more fuel to the fire.

"I felt like Drake was sending me a couple of shots, subliminals," Common said. "I don't know what motivated him to send me some shots but I think what for sure had me, if I'm just being real, like you know, we mess with one of the same girls....You know wars happen over women. That's just what it is."

He continued, "But I ain't going to get at you if you with somebody I was with. But if you start throwing me a couple little, you know, you trying to throw some jabs, you know, and I'm like, 'come on man, okay.'"

Common added when he heard Drake's explosive verse on "Stay Schemin'," he had to let the 6 God know that he wasn't messing with just any rapper. "If you coming at me, you going to know who it is. I'm coming at you. I'm coming and it was great," he said.

Common also shared that when he eventually saw Drake in person, his dad stepped in and said the two rappers needed to "squash" their beef. As Common explained, Drake's dad is an "elder," and he knew he needed to fall back.


Check out the full Drink Champs interview with Common and Pete Rock below.


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