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Dave East Pays Tribute to Nipsey Hussle new song “The Marathon Continues” | SURVIVAL

Dave East let it all out about his friend Nipsey Hussle on his Debut Album, ‘Survival’

Dave East Shares Reflective Debut Studio Album 'Survival' features Nas, DJ Premier, Ty Dolla $ign & more.

After a decade in the game, Dave East has released his debut studio album, Survival.

The Harlem-born rapper [spoke]: "I was fucked up. I didn’t want to record. I had music that I already had done. But, a lot of people don’t understand," he said. "They ask, ‘Why did you push Survival back so long?’ [Nipsey’s death] fucked me up, bro. I didn’t want to drop any new music. My boy had so much shit he was going to put out. I’m glad the acting shit came when it came because it took me out of that space. I didn’t want to put out any music. But, now, it’s time. That n***a said, ‘You tripping, cuz. Put that shit out.’ So, I finally got the label in tune and everyone on the same page."

[Watch] here Dave East - Survival Series (Part 5)

You can stream ‘Survival’ on apple music below.


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