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DCYoungFly on Auditioning for “Coming 2 America” Twice but never got movie Role ‘gotta stay hungry’

The Atlanta comedian weighed in to play Akeem son in "Coming 2 America Sequel"

D.C. Young Fly Responds to a Fan On Twitter Wanting Him To Play Eddie Murphy's Son as "Lavelle"

D.C. Young Fly Opens Up About Auditioning for “Coming 2 America” Sequel Twice,

Comedian and actor, DC Young Fly took to social media on Friday, (March 12) about his audition for Coming 2 America "i wanna take the steps the OGs took the blood,sweat, and hard work to become a #GREAT !! Its gone be roles ima have that somebody mite can play better!!", He wrote.

"Lets not hate CONGRATULATE!! Cause homie was around legendz and diid his thang 💯so this is a win for #US !!!" He added.

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