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Fabolous addresses Shiggy wanting a check for "Choosy Challenge" Fab says Def Jam to Pay Up not him

Fabolous addresses Shiggy comments, Family Issues + Debates Top Love Song Rappers

Fabolous wants to make it clear: There is no bad blood between him and Shiggy.

Social media star Shiggy became a viral sensation after helping popularize Drake's "In My Feelings" by sparking the "In My Feelings" Challenge. Now, he's 'bout his paper.

Fabolous walked up to Ebro in the Morning to have a good conversation about his recent comments to Shiggy which went viral over the week about paying him for a social media post.

You can watch Fabolous' interview below. Fast-forward to the 2:13 mark.

Watch above, Fabolous also opens up about his domestic abuse case.

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