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Fans believes Kanye West been ‘Taking Pointers’ from Future after being devastated by Kim K Divorce

It's safe to say Future is in Ye's ear telling the billionaire rapper to ‘live life’

Kanye West Has Been Spotted With Multiple Women At Miami Hotel

Kanye West threw a surprise New Year’s Eve party on Friday (December 31) with performances from him and Future.

Throughout the last few days, being spotted on a date with actress Julia Fox, And then Ye he reportedly had a sleepover at his Miami hotel room with a couple of other women, who were spotted on his room's balcony with him. In the paparazzi photos, Ye stands at the ledge and looks at his phone as one woman wears a white crop top and looks away in the opposite direction. A different female appeared in the doorway at some point, meaning that they weren't alone in the room.

Tons of pictures have been circulating, and considering all the time that ‘Ye’ has been spending with Future in recent weeks, he may be taking pointers from the toxic king.

Fans react to Future helping ‘Ye’ heal following divorce from Kim Kardashian.

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