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Flavor Flav Responds to Boosie Badazz Comparison “If anything Boosie looks like me I was here first”

FLAVOR FLAV reacts to the Baton Rouge rapper after he hopped on Instagram to explain the awkward encounter he recently had that left him pissed off. "I was just in the fucking airport, lady come talking ’bout, 'Flavor Flav!' I don't look like no damn Flavor Flav. I look like Boosie," a clearly perturbed Boosie explained to his IG followers.

Immediately, Flavor Flav responded with Instagram video: "I'ma big fan of [Boosie] but Boosie can't F—K with Flav, I got stacks."

Flavor Flav Jokingly Tells Boosie, "He Can't F**k With Him."

Though hilarious to think that someone would mistake BooPac with the Flavor of Love star, Boosie was not entertained. Most of the time, the outspoken rapper doesn’t care what people think about him, but the comparison to Flavor Flav seemed to get under his skin.

Check Flav's post below.


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