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Gillie Da King eldest Son reportedly shot and killed in hometown Philadelphia, dies at 25

The oldest son of Nasir “Gillie Da King” Fard, has died at age 25.

Wallo Is Mourning the Death of his Cousin, Son of Gillie Da King

Gillie eldest son passed away on Thursday night.

Million Dollaz Worth of Game co-founder, King Gillie is mourning the loss of his oldest son, rising rapper Yng Cheese who was reportedly, (killed in triple shooting North Philadelphia).

According to NBC10 Philadelphia, The shooting occurred on the 5800 block of Mascher Street at 8:24 p.m. in Philadelphia, police said.

25-year-old man, was shot once in the back and taken to the hospital by police. He was pronounced dead at 8:39 p.m.

NBC10 reported, a 28-year-old man and a 31-year-old man were shot, and transported to the hospital. Both were placed in stable condition.

Additionally, Philadelphia Police Department told NBC10 one of the victims ran over to a nearby home and 10 spent shell casings were located at the scene.

Police are searching for a shooter or shooters. No arrests have been made and no weapons were recovered.


Wallo opened up about the death of his cousin. The ‘Million Dollaz Worth of Game’ co-founder took to Instagram Friday at midnight with messages of mourning, writing “Lil Cuz usually when I talk to you, I got a lot to tell you,” (In sorrow post), Wallo continued. “Tonight the pain in my heart & tears spoke to you. I love you beyond life Cheese. I got your father, Rest Well!”





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